Chat for free on your iPhone!


  • Supports lots of chat platforms and social networks
  • Excellent voice quality on VoIP
  • Displays contacts in a very clear manner
  • Supports landscape mode chat


  • Constantly sends useless new mail notifications
  • Doesn't save chat sessions
  • Doesn't handle Facebook contacts very well


Nimbuzz 4.0.1

— User reviews — about Nimbuzz

  • voipbuster

    by voipbuster

    "looks good but crashes on iphone"

    Good functions, but buggy when you use the telephone option with a SIP account on Wifi. The app unexpected quits. More.

    reviewed on October 7, 2009

  • "Big Brother redone?"

    It looks as if it is a totally redundant program since AIM, Fring and Skype already have applications that work on the i... More.

    reviewed on May 28, 2009